Q&A SPM Additional Mathematics Form 4&5 KSSM

Level : SPM

Product : Reference Book

ISBN : 978 967 2861 05 8

Year Published : 2021


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The Q&A SPM Additional Mathematics (Bilingual) Form 4 & 5 KSSM is a guidebook to answer examination questions that should be obtained by all candidates who will be sitting for the SPM examination. Each topic in this book consists of a variety of SPM-type questions that are accompanied by correct answering techniques and useful tips as a guide to ensure candidates will be well-prepared for the SPM examination.

Exclusive features:
– Fulfils the latest requirements of the SPM Examination Instrument Format
– Arranged according to learning areas and topics in the textbook and comprising Paper 1 and Paper 2
– Questions with fully-worked solutions provide step-by-step calculation guides for reference and cross-checking
– Exam Tips to help students answer questions effectively
– Common Errors to highlight errors made by students when answering questions
– Alternative Methods suggest other solutions to solve the similar questions
– Calculator Corner shows steps to solve a mathematical problem using calculator