Let’s Score in Literature Selected Poems & Novel Moby Dick Form 3

Level: Secondary

Product: Workbook

ISBN: 978 967 493 182 7

Year Published: 2019


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Sabah & Sarawak, Semenanjung

Titles in this series provide an effective guide and practice for secondary school students who want to excel in literature. Based on the latest Malaysian Literature Component for Secondary School, it contains comprehensive notes on the poems and novel studied in Form 3. The notes provide an in-depth analysis of each text and cover important elements such as synopsis, characters, persona, setting, plot, them,es and moral values. Some of the notes are presented in i-THINK mind maps to aid students’ understanding. A variety of exercises, including HOTS and PT3-type questions, are given for students to assess their progress. The Let’s Score in Literature series is the perfect choice for students who want to master the literature texts and score in the exams.

Special Features

  • Comprehensive notes
  • Variety of exercises
  • i-THINK mind maps and questions
  • PT3-type Questions
  • HOTS Corner
  • Suggested answers